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Subject matter: The depth of posttraumatic stress goes right to the soul. It is not a superficial wound and is deeper than a physical injury. For example, you can take a pill to cover or mask a symptom, but that symptom is still there.

It is my belief, and I have lived with posttraumatic stress for most of my adult life, that the soul itself is wounded. It is my personal mission to help you understand why and to what extent the warrior spirit and the spirit of man are linked by their creation.

It is a known fact that men in combat become closer than a family member; a sense of bonding develops that is a brotherly love. Subsequently, when the war is over and you come back home, that bond is no longer needed. You still long for the comradery but it is not to be found. A particular biblical passage expresses my point; “For as he thinks within himself, so he is." Proverbs 23:7. As Warriors, our identity has been changed forever. We are a different people. Yet, nobody wants to tell us that we have changed. The misconception is to make us think we can get back to who we were before our combat experiences.

Key Points:

1. Understand that your feelings are real and should not be abandoned.

2. Parts of you have changed and that is the burden of being a Warrior; a Survivor.

3.Understand that being a Warrior means being enlightened and educated to the essence of the Warrior spirit and mission.

4.The Warrior spirit is unique and sorely misunderstood. Understand that we are not victims but enlightened and rational because of our experiences.

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