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"Twice A Warrior" is the title of the book we published in 2015. The title is relevant to everything we say and everything we do. The word "Twice" refers to being a Warrior in the battlefield arena; then, a second time - meaning off the battlefield; readjusting the Warrior mindset to accommodate the civilian life. This drastic change of venue requires a "Warrior's" discipline, mental toughness, tenacious attitude, healthy lifestyle and compassion. You see, "Twice A Warrior" is a way of life; it's a lifestyle based upon spiritual strength obtained from reading and applying the word of God; the Bible. We are not talking about positive faith but a life of truth with a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ and His word. From our faith in Christ comes confidence; sometimes referred to as hope. Truly, our hope and confidence is in the love of God the Father, His beloved Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

The term, "Twice A Warrior" embodies the Warrior who suffers with post-traumatic stress. In addition, "Twice A Warrior" also includes the family members, loved ones, support groups and individuals who support Warriors who live with post-traumatic stress. 

The title Warrior also includes all individuals who endure life after experiencing a traumatic event or situation, which is now embedded in their heart, mind and soul.


"These things I  have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world." John 16:33

Key Point: We have happiness, peace and joy through living the spiritual life and applying principles from the word of God to every circumstance we face in life. 

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